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Words affirming our value and capability help us push through fears and negative circumstances and stretch beyond perceived limitations. Up and In provides that kind of affirmation by:

• Highlighting your worth and potential,
• Providing nourishing encouragement,
• Confronting damaging thinking habits,
• Offering tools for rebounding from setbacks, and
• Outlining a path for discovering significance.

Get ready for forty-two days of challenging inspiration that will help you unlock your potential and transition to an up-and-in point of view.

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Hardcover books are expected to be available during the 4th quarter of 2012. You may pre-order now and the book will be shipped to you once it is released for distribution.

Softcover books are available now using print on demand services. Please allow a week to ten days for production, plus the delivery time preference selected at check out.


“A breath of fresh air… great stories, illustrating the reality of our faith, our motivations, and the keys to successful living.”
–Chuck Blackburn, Founder – Strategic Sales Tactics

“Searching for success? Significance? No matter what your walk of life or your station in life, this book will make your life better. Read it. Apply it. Reap the benefits. Now.”
– David B. Gillogly, former President/COO, Express Personnel Services.

“Up and In is one of the most encouraging books that I have read. This book is practical and filled with great wisdom.”
– Kent Humphreys, Ambassador, FCCI / Christ@Work.

“Up and In presents life-changing truths in ways that engage, challenge, and motivate the reader. It is a great personal resource as well as a thoughtful study for any small group.”
– Jerry Tidwell, Doctor of Optometry.

“Up and In reminds me of what it’s like to sit down with a close friend over coffee and be mentored in business and in life.”
– Catherine B. Blake, President, Sales Protocol International.

“What a timely writing! Up and In not only speaks a message of hope and faithful encouragement, but its guidance also prescribes a means to achieve a full measure of life. While reading Steve’s journey to an up and in way of thinking, I was inspired as God worked to make his transformative experiences my own, with each daily reading affirming and inspiring me to the truth of His living word. Up and In is not simply a self-help book; it is the reader’s opportunity for a journey of real, up-front-and-personal reflection, as seen through the eyes of a uniquely loving and personal Savior.”
– Dr. Orneita Burton, Assistant Professor of Management and Information Systems.

“This is truly a unique devotional compilation. One moment it is soaring through lofty clouds of higher thoughts and truth and the next it drops down for a solid landing in practical application and real world (often personal) examples. This unusual blend not only gave me fresh courage to cope with life’s trials but is also handed me some tools for the task.”
– Gary Schmidt, Chair of Business Department, Simpson University.

“This book deals directly and honestly with the debilitating doubts that infiltrate and attack the mind, heart and soul of every leader and every person they lead, of every parent and every child they nurture. It is about that magic elixir that overcomes obstacles and turns competent people into exceptional performers - confidence. Steve Kubicek shares his secrets to unleashing the potential in yourself and in those you lead.”
– John P. Cragin, Ph. D., Entrepreneur, CEO, Professor.

“The cover of Steve Kubicek’s Up and In should include the following caution to readers: ‘Do not read this book unless you want to unlock your potential and begin to experience the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ.’ Kubicek’s successful business experience and his faith in God are the building blocks that guide his life and his writing. Up and In skillfully provides unique life-changing advice through a 6-week series of seven keys to unlocking one’s potential. Steve Kubicek effectively demonstrates how to turn life’s disappointing moments into positive, life-changing lessons. This well-written guide is highly recommended for anyone who has ever been discouraged by life’s setbacks.”
– Michael Arrington, Executive Director, International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities and formerly Provost of Carson-Newman College.

“Be encouraged, read this book. Steve has crafted a book to help you grow your capacity and increase your faith. This is an excellent guide to help you grow.”
– Jeremie Kubicek, CEO GiANT Impact and best-selling author of Making Your Leadership Come Alive and Humble for President.

“Up and In stretches your thinking and challenges how you see yourself. Steve Kubicek affirms many life truths you know but are not living by and then provides guides to dig deeper. For those wanting to defeat negative thinking and be encouraged to live a more fulfilling life, this book is a great place to start. You cannot read this book and not be changed.”
– Trish Zylstra, MBA, CEO of the Harvest Abroad

“Steve Kubicek places a Christian lens over life’s challenges and allows us to see into his world through parables that we can take to heart. His perspective on business, negotiations, and leadership are a great reminder that being “right” doesn’t go as far as just “loving them.” Steve has taken his entire career as a successful executive, wrapped his Christian faith and wisdom around it, and offered it up as a gift to all of us.”
– Catherine B. Blake, President, Sales Protocol International.

“I will take the 42 day journey many times to mine all the gold between the covers of this book.”
– Jerry Tidwell, Doctor of Optometry.

“UP and IN is filled with pearls of wisdom. Steve Kubicek does not dismiss the challenges that we face in life, but gives us the scriptural hope to face them head on. You will be inspired with these daily treasures.”
– Kent Humphreys, Ambassador, FCCI / Christ@Work.

“When I started this book I could not stop reading it; I had to consume it all in one sitting once I got started. This is a book that can (and I am confident, will) change lives.”
– David B. Gillogly, former President/COO, Express Personnel Services, world’s largest privately-held employment company.